Things You Didn’t Know About Kate Middleton And Prince William

The couple that won the hearts of all England and one of the most famous of the entire British royal family, it is for that reason that we leave you a list of things that you probably did not know about Kate Middleton and Prince William, these data will surprise you.

1. Kate’s favorite fragrance is called Jo Malone Orange Blossom, this fragrance is special and one of her favorites, it was even her choice to wear on her wedding day.

2. Like all normal couples, there is never a lack of nicknames between them, Kate Middleton tells Prince William “Big Willie”

3. This love story was taken much further, and the story was taken to the small screen with two film adaptations for various television channels where they tell their love story.

4. To make matters worse, Kate’s parents own a decoration and party supplies company called Party Pieces. Currently, the business is valued at more than 15 million pounds.

5. Despite his descent into the monarchy, Prince William trained at the University of St Andrews, located in Scotland. Remembering that it was there that he met his wife Kate Middleton and ended his career in the area of geography.

6. Prince William is also a movie lover, even on some occasions, he has seen himself as an infiltrator in the cinema watching movies like The Avengers and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

7. From a very young age, the prince has had a crush on the renowned model, Cindy Crawford. even Princess Diana invited her to the palace to surprise her son.

8. Like the Harry Potter character, Prince William has a scar on his forehead which he calls his “Harry Potter scar.” The prince told a magazine that the injury arose when a friend hit him by accident when they were playing golf.

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