About Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth was the first Queen of England, she was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. She became Queen in 1558 at age 25. She was one of the most famous Monarch’s during her reign which lasted over 44 years, far longer than any other British monarch before or since.

Elizabeth had no heir until she was forty six years old, when she gave birth to a son named after himself, Edward VI. However he died very young at age 16 so his half sister Mary I “Bloody Mary” took power. After Elizabeth deposed Mary with lots of help from her cousin Lord Darnley who went on to become King consort but died mysteriously after 8 months.

Many historians believe that upon Elizabeth’s coronation The Virgin Queen moved to eradicate her sisters death. By allowing many protestant Christians who were still loyal to Mary’s memory to be burned at the stake in what came to be known as The Burning Times.

Elizabeth was very popular with her subjects, they liked her because she never married or gave any indication of wanting to marry, this meant that when she died in 1603 no one tried for the crown even though there were several heirs more closely related than James VI of Scotland who eventually became King James I of England after Elizabeth’s death. She is buried at Westminster Abbey next to Lord Darnley and near Henry VIII.

This queen has many nicknames including The Virgin Queen, Good Queen Bess or Gloriana. When she died in 1603 her English subjects were distraught but her successor was generally well received because his Scottish title meant he would not have to marry an English woman against their will meaning that they would be spared another Civil War. Queen Elizabeth went on to become one of the most famous sovereign’s in history, not just because she ruled England longer than anyone else but also because she refused to marry.

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