Celebrities That Had Contracted The Covid-19 Virus

The beginning of the year 2022 for Hollywood’s A-Listers has been very rough with the covid-19 pandemic still wreaking havoc around the world, despite being fully vaccinated and having been given booster shots. An individual can still be able to get mild covid-19 which is why mass gatherings must still be limited. Most of covid’s latest victims are Hollywood celebrities creating huge fuzz since celebrity news is very interesting to read and hear.

The first one who got infected is Seth Meyers who became asymptomatic and thanks to the vaccines he recovered quickly enough to get back to work, the next who got infected was the famous celebrity host Jimmy Fallon who he shared in his Twitter and Instagram account that he just recently recovered from covid-19 he tested positive last January 3, 2022, before returning to the Saturday Night Live show. Despite being full vaccinated and being given the booster shot he still got infected and thank the vaccine for not being in critical condition.

Comedian Whoopi Goldberg had also tested positive for covid-19 and she only got mild covid thanks to vaccines and booster shot she was given last year making her recovery very quickly and smoothly. Some of the celebrities have gone from out of the country vacations or mass gathering events which is why some of them might have contracted the virus overseas and in crowded areas.

Just like Bang Bang singer Jessie J, she believes she contracted the virus during a concert last December 2022, but since she got full vaccinated and completed her booster shots she only go mild covid and she is now quickly recovering from infection. Now that we are in January 2022 and with the threat of the new omicron variant and some celebrities are still on their holiday vacation we can expect that more celebrities might get infected.

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