What Is So Unique About Dua Lipa Dress

Dua lipa is a British singer from London, England. She has a lot of popular songs that have been heard in multiple countries around the world.

One day she posted a picture on her Twitter account wearing a dress with geometric patterns . A few days later she posted it again but this time the colors were switched . This is an example of how people perceive the color of an object differently depending on its surroundings and lighting

How the dress is designed:This dress is designed by Alice Palmer.

It is a geometric pattern that has triangles cutting through the dress horizontally and vertically. The different colors are blue,black,white,gold/yellow,red/pink(in this picture),and green.

This design was created to be worn for special events such as parties or performances .

Dua lipa Twitter post 1 : This post showed Dua wearing the original dress with all of its colors displayed .She chose this photo because it looked better in her opinion when she wore it throughout the day because of natural lighting instead of just taking one picture at night under artificial lighting .

Some things to note about this specific photo were that the colors didn’t seem to have any significant meaning so they chose to put them in different random orders.

Dua lipa Twitter post 2 : This was just a picture of the dress with its colors switched . To Dua, this looked better but it wasn’t brought to her attention that what she originally wore looked just as good until a few days later .

Some things to note about this specific photo were that the colors seem to switch order and go from dark to light which is why Dua thinks they look better.The reason for the switching of these colors could be because when you wear a carefully designed outfit, it can sometimes be difficult to notice any patterns or shapes unless you look very closely at yourself wearing it .

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