Novak Djokovic Is Detained In Australia

World famous tennis star Novak Djokovic is now detained in Australia. He attempted to gain entry in to the country without the right documents. He simply forgot his visa, which will delay his entry in to the country. Australia has strict rules about who gets to enter in the country. That fact is compounded by the current virus pandemic which is afflicting the world.

Novak Djokovic is now a tennis star who has some problems to face. He will need to find his visa and then reapply for entry in to Australia. The incident has sparked a little controversy about international travel today.

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Other details include the isolation of Novak Djokovic in Australia. He is banned from using his phone and will be detained for a while. His fan base is livid, since that is offensive to their favorite star player. But the country asserts its authority and has claimed it can do that as they see fit. The world news story is definitely a top event of the day. The tennis star is in deep trouble now.

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